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Tell Sellers About Biashara Place

Yes, we are actually giving you an opportunity to make some good money from home by referring businesses to Biashara Place.

At Biashara Place, we have the most attractive offer for affiliates, with a 50% commission for every referral made to new sellers.

This allows you to earn between Ksh. 250 and Ksh. 4,375 in immediate commissions for every referral.

Bronze PackageKES 500KES 250
Silver PackageKES 950KES 475
Gold PackageKES 2,450KES 1,225
Platinum PackageKES 8,750KES 4,375

In addition, every successful referral earns you a 10% retainer bonus every month for the entire lifetime of your referred vendors.

We still pay referral commission for vendors who initially subscribe for a cheap package but later upgrade to a premium plan.

For instance, if you refer a business owner and they opt for the bronze package first, and they later subscribe for the platinum package, we will credit your account with Ksh. 4,375 and thereafter the appropriate 10% retainer bonus commissions.

In case you refer a seller but they do not use your unique referral link, contact us within 3 days. After confirming with the new seller, we will credit your account accordingly.

Some quick math. If you refer 10 gold vendors this month, you earn Ksh. 1,225 *10 = 12,250 in immediate commissions, and Ksh 2,450 every month as retainer bonus.

If you refer 5 platinum vendors (such as supermarkets, electronics shops), your earnings will be Ksh. 4,375 * 5 = 21,875 immediate commissions and Ksh. 4,375 every subsequent month as retainer bonus.

Referral Commissions reflect immediately the new seller subscribes for our vendor packages.

You can then request a withdrawal, which will be processed in less than 30 minutes.

We also give you a 1% Lifetime Commission for all the sales made on Biashara Place by your referred Vendors.

For instance, if a vendor you referred sells a product for Ksh. 20,000, you get Ksh. 200 commission.

Referral Commissions reflect immediately the new seller subscribes for our vendor packages.

Unique Link Generator

After registering an Affiliate Account, you will be redirected to an organized Affiliate Dashboard.

From the Dashboard, go to the Generate Affiliate URL option and do the following:

1. Copy this link to the Vendor Registration Page:

2. Paste the Link onto the Affiliate Link Generator and Click on Generate.

Affiliate Procedure

3. Copy the new referral link (In RED) with your unique referral code and share with friends. You will earn commissions for all vendors who register by clicking your unique link.

2. Share Product Links

We have put up the most reliable real-time affiliate system that allows you to earn commissions by sharing links to products on Biashara Place.

Once your referrals purchase the products, your commission immediately reflects in your Affiliate account.

Our affiliate commissions are calculated at 5% of the commodity price for all the product categories.


affiliate earnings

From your Affiliate Account, you will be able to track your earnings by checking:

1. The total commission earned.

2. The total commission received.

3. No. of sellers who registered by following your unique link.

4. No. of orders placed by following your unique affiliate link.

It is important to note that at Biashara Place, we have a buyer protection policy that allows buyers to request for refunds for faulty products.

Consequently, all payments to vendors plus the affiliate commissions from product referrals are paid 7 days after the transaction.


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