Looking for Haier Appliances in Kenya? Look no further. We have an assorted collection of top vendors dealing with Haier Air Conditioners, Refrigerators and Freezers, Washing Machines, Water Heaters, Cookers, and Smart TVs.

Haier Appliances

Dealing with a top Home and Kitchen Appliances brand, our top vendors have the best prices in Kenya, and occasionally have offers for free delivery countrywide.

Haier Kitchen Appliancess

Full-Size Kitchen Appliance Suite

Bring the energy of the city to your kitchen with our latest full-size appliances. With their worldly, inspired designs, these appliances offer features that simplify everyday kitchen tasks.

Whether you’re replacing an old appliance, renovating your space or building a kitchen from scratch, you’ll love the clean appearance of our full-size refrigerators, dishwashers, ranges, and microwave ovens.

Haier Smart Appliances

Haier Smart Applliances

Even when you’re on the go, Haier smart appliances keep you connected with your home. Using our SmartHQ™ app, just connect to your appliance from your smartphone or smart home device to receive alerts, manage settings, and more.

Our smart appliances give you peace of mind from uptown to downtown; eastside to the westside. And you’ll get more out of your investment with auto WiFi updates—your appliances will always adapt and improve—just like you.


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