Old Spice is a classic, well-known name in men’s antiperspirants and deodorants. While the brand has undergone a few changes since its inception, it’s still going strong: Old Spice products are recognized by their distinct red labels and memorable scents, including Woods (balsam and sandalwood), Oceana (sea spray), Swagger (spicy citrus blend), and Adventure (sandalwood)

Old Spice is the #1 antiperspirant/deodorant brand in the United States*. The Old Spice brand has been around since 1934 and was created by William Lightfoot Schultz. His first product, Early American Old Spice for men, was a success and contained a unique blend of scents including lavender, sandalwood and lemon verbena.

Today Old Spice has expanded to include an array of products for both men and women including body washes, deodorants, antiperspirants, hair care products and more.

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