How much does it cost to list my products on Biashara Place?

Our main focus is empowering every small business to grow its online presence. Setting up an online shop at Biashara Place costs only Ksh. 500

How do I get notified whenever a new Client makes an order?

At Biashara Place, we have a reliable Email System that instantly notifies you via your registered Email address whenever there is a new order or product inquiry.

You also get new order notifications straight to the Biashara Place mobile App.

Do you charge vendors for Verification? If Yes, How much?

We do not charge any fees for Vendor Verification at Biashara Place.

Our verification process is aimed at ensuring buyers are protected from unscrupulous business persons.

The Vendor Verification Badge is available upon request and satisfaction of all the requirements.

Am I allowed to sell my competitor’s products at a cheaper price?

Yes. At Biashara Place, we believe that fair competition is at the very core of healthy trade.

We have an efficient store manager that allows you to edit your competitors’ products and set your own prices.

How do I get my money after making a sale on Biashara Place?

Once you make a sale, the money paid reflects in your vendor account immediately.

However, you are only allowed to make withdrawals 7 (seven) days after the order is made.

This is in accordance with our 7-days money-back policy meant to protect buyers at Biashara Place.

How do I upgrade from one Vendor plan to another?

I am a Silver Vendor. How do I get the Verified Vendor Badge?

I want to sell to customers close to my shop only. How do I set up my shop?


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