HostPinnacle Kenya Web Hosting Review (2024)

HostPinnacle is one of the best web hosting service providers in Kenya with almost all that you need to build attractive, functional and reliable websites.

It’s severally ranked the best web hosting company in Kenya and is a top choice for many companies, bloggers, Ecommerce websites, news agencies and government websites, something attributed to their impressive customer service.

If you are looking for a world-class, reliable and affordable web hosting service provider in Kenya, then Host Pinnacle is a good choice.

HostPinnacle Unique Benefits

Free Domain: Every HostPinnacle web hosting package comes with a free domain. All you need to do is choose a plan, with the cheapest going for Ksh 1,999. You will then be at liberty to choose a free .com or domain for your new website.

FREE SSL Certificate: You see that little green lock that makes you feel safer and more secure when you shop online? It’s called an SSL Certificate, and actually comes at a cost. While other web hosting companies in Kenya will sell SSL certificates at between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 4,500,HostPinnacle gives it for free for every hosting package. This will save you quite some money as you start your journey to building your online presence.

Host Unlimited Websites: The reason HostPinnacle remains a choice for bloggers. You are free to host several websites on a single account. What this means is that you are allowed to register multiple domains and have them hosted on a single account without any extra charges. If you are about blogging, your appetite for more sites will keep growing every day, and HostPinnacle Kenya allows you to grab and pack all those new domains onto a single account at no extra cost.

FREE M-Pesa Integration: If you plan to offer services or sell your products online, you will definitely need M-Pesa integration to process transactions. This service will enable a Lipa na MPESA STK-PUSH that allows clients to instantly make payments straight to your PAYBILL or TILL Number. How much does this cost? Well, between Ksh 25,000 to Ksh 30,000. However, HostPinnacle gives this vital plugin FREE for every web hosting package.

FREE WHOIS Privacy: Domain privacy is a service that allows you to keep your personal information private when registering a domain name. When you purchase domain privacy, your registrar will replace your personal information in the WHOIS database with the contact information of a forwarding service. This way, your personal information will not be revealed to the public. This service is free for all HostPinnacle clients.

FREE Site Transfer: You don’t have to be stuck with a poor web host for life. With worrying uptime levels, poor customer service, you are losing traffic. You are losing business and credibility. HostPinnacle offers free migration to clients who have existing websites. The process is seamless, without any downtime, and takes a few hours. All you need to do is choose a web hosting package and the HostPinnacle Technical team will assist you to migrate your site files within a few hours.

HostPinnacle Domain Prices

A .com and domain at HostPinnacle goes for Ksh 999 renewable at the same rate annually. If you are looking for a .org domain, you will part with Ksh 1,300 and renew at the same rate every subsequent year.

In addition to the competitive domain prices, HostPinnacle has an easy setup process that requires no technical skills, FREE Domain Privacy Protection, Unlimited Sub Domains, Advanced DNS Controls and Free Support among other benefits.

Below is an outline of the latest domain prices at HostPinnacle Kenya (Updated September 2022):

DomainRegistration (Ksh)Annual Renewal (Ksh)Transfer (Ksh)

HostPinnacle Web Hosting Packages

Host Pinnacle offers three types of web hosting packages, depending on your needs – VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting.

Shared Hosting: This is the most popular hosting package for individual website owners, good enough for company websites, news sites and blogs, Ecommerce websites, school websites and any other site. In the simplest language, shared hosting means that your site will be hosted on the same server with several other sites. Sharing server resources makes it the cheapest option.

VPS Hosting: If you need more resources, you can consider VPS hosting, for which you have to pay more, since it is a more premium option, with the ability for greater customization, better security and performance. You’re essentially in control of the resources in your server. This is a relatively costly option, known to be a preserve of medium to big business sites. You don’t really need VPS hosting if you are operating a new blog or school website.

Reseller Hosting: This a business opportunity for startups who would like to resell web hosting services using their own brands. I have actually discussed how to successfully begin a web hosting business in a separate article.

Shared Hosting Prices

Subscribing to a shared hosting package at Host Pinnacle comes with some attractive offers. The starter hosting plan costing Ksh 1,999/yr comes with a free domain and free website transfer.

With this package, you get 35GB of NVMe SSD Disk Space with 2GB RAM and unlimited monthly bandwidth. What can you do with 35GB web-space? Almost anything and everything. 35GB is enough space for more than 10 medium-sized websites/blogs.

With unlimited monthly bandwidth, you are assured that your site will be available for your visitors throughout, even during traffic spikes. Not forgetting that HostPinnacle allows you to host several sites on the same account at no extra cost.

Disc Space35 GB
SSL CertificateFREE
Email AccountsUNLIMITED
Website TransferFREE
No. of WebsitesUnlimited
Free DomainYes ( or .com)
Other FeaturesDNS Management, FREE M-Pesa Integration, Discounted Web Design, LightSpeed Webserver, 1000+ Website Templates

So how does this package compare with basic/starter packages from other top web hosting companies in Kenya?

First, the 2GB RAM at HostPinnacle is by far the most attractive RAM value you can get with Ksh 2,000 a year. Kenya Web Experts, another top web host gives you 500MB for their basic package that costs Ksh. 2100 per year.

But why are we talking about RAM? Because visitors are the reason you are setting up a website/blog. If your site doesn’t get enough RAM to handle the load, your visitors will always be greeted by ‘500 internal server errors’. You will end up losing them, in most cases, IMMEDIATELY.

Several other companies such as Truehost and hostPoa are secretive about the memory allocated for their shared web hosting packages. You don’t want to assume that it’s for a good reason that they keep this a secret.

The Standard HostPinnacle hosting package costs Ksh. 3,999/yr and comes with 100 GB of disc space, a free domain of your choice (.com, or .org) and free website transfer for any of the mentioned domains.

Disc Space100 GB
SSL CertificateFREE
Email AccountsUNLIMITED
Website TransferFREE
No. of WebsitesUnlimited
Free DomainYes
Other FeaturesFREE Lifetime Domain (, .com, .net), FREE M-Pesa Integration, Discounted Web Design, Litespeed Webserver,1000+ Website Templates

If you need more disc space for your sites, you can upgrade to the Executive Package. For Ksh. 10,999/yr, you get unlimited NVMe SSD space for your sites, among other premium benefits.

Reseller Hosting Prices

As mentioned earlier, Reseller hosting is made for smaller enterprises who buy the space and bandwidth and rent it out to their customers. HostPinnacle, in this case, is a wholesaler, and the smaller enterprise a retailer of the web hosting service.

Remember to check out this article explaining how to make legit money online by reselling web hosting in Kenya.

HostPinnacle Reseller Hosting plans allow you to create unlimited websites for your clients. What this means is that you can have as many clients as possible, generate their independent Cpanels and make profits out of it.

For Ksh 3,000 only, you get the Starter Reseller Plan, which allows you free domain registration, unlimited websites, 100GB of webspace unlimited bandwidth and unlimited cPanel accounts.

If you have done some window shopping with other web hosts in Kenya, you can confirm that this is the best you can get. If you are thinking about starting a reseller business, I would actually advise that you start with this plan.

With time, as your clients increase in number, you can upgrade to the Standard Reseller plan that sells for Ksh. 4500 per month. With this plan, you will still be able to set up unlimited websites for your clients, of course with limitations on webspace and bandwidth.

If you are an ambitious reseller, you can opt for the VIP Reseller plan. Being a VIP reseller allows you to recruit resellers under you. Your reseller clients actually take you to be the owner of the server. The Host Pinnacle VIP reseller package costs Ksh 4,000 per month.

With the VIP reseller plan, you have up to 1TB of disc space to slice for your clients, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited cPanel accounts. The package also comes with additional benefits such as free advanced security features and more Marketing Offers & Credits.

In Summary

Whether you are looking for a domain and web hosting for a blog, a small site or a commerce website, Host Pinnacle is a perfect choice for you.

Web hosting resellers in Kenya will also find HostPinnacle to be a close to perfect choice, with an assurance of 99.9% uptime for their clients and excellent customer service.

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