For a very long time, online shoppers have been looking for a marketplace that allows them to search for products in their vicinity for super-fast deliveries.

At Biashara Place, we understand this growing need of allowing customers to search for products and vendors by their location.

Geolocation Feature
The Biashara Place Products List with Geolocation Feature on.

It is for this reason that our system has an effective Geolocation Module that allows vendors to display the location of their shops.

This is actually one of the main features that power the Biashara marketplace.

As a vendor, be sure to give the correct location for your shop during registration.

shop location

Our Geolocation Feature gives priority to vendors selling products closest to the customers, to reduce shipping costs and for easy dispute resolution.

I mean, why should a customer in Kisumu buy an Infinix Hot 8 Smartphone from Nairobi at Ksh. 11,500 plus Ksh. 400 shipping, when the same smartphone is available in Kisumu at 11,600 and no shipping cost?

Using the Geolocation Feature, a customer is able to search for products closest to them and also set their preferred radius of coverage for faster delivery.

Online shoppers are able to filter shops by location. Shops without Locations will not appear in these search results.

As a seller you want to ensure your shop location is defined early enough.

Shops FIlter by Location
Shops FIlter by Location

The geolocate module automatically hides stores far away from the buyer (50km by default), and displays product offers closest to them.

Online shoppers can however adjust the distance meter to view products from distant shops.

Bottom line: Your shop is given priority for buyers close to your shop location.


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