To manage your store, go to Settings on the Dashboard left menu.  A group of settings sections is available there:

General Shop Settings

shop settings

Here you will find options to change or check the general appearance of your online shop at Biashara Place.

From here you can change your unique shop name (which is actually your brand), phone number, and Email Address.

Be careful to ensure you use a valid Email address, so you don’t miss any single communication from new buyers.

It’s important to mention that our Product Inquiry Module sends Email notifications to your registered email address.

It’s therefore important that you not only provide a valid email address but that you also ensure you check your mailbox frequently.

Store Brand Setup

Under General Settings, you will also find options to define the aesthetic appearance of your online shop.

Choose a Banner Image/video that best describes your brand, if possible, a representative of your real shopfront.

As a Vendor, you may set different types of banners for your Store.

The available Banner types are:

  • Static Image
  • Image Slider
  • Video Banner

Just to mention, for the video banner, only YouTube video URLs are supported.

general shop settings

As a shop owner, you may also set up what you want to show or hide from your online shop.

Available Options:

  • Hide Email from Shop
  • Hide Phone from Shop
  • Hide Address from Shop
  • Hide Map from Shop
  • Hide About from Shop
  • Hide Policy from Shop

You may also manage the “Store Name” position on your store page. The available positions:

  • On Store Banner
  • At Store Header

We also have options that allow you to define the number of products you want to be displayed per page.


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