Store policies are very much important for any e-commerce site.

At Biashara Place, we allow shop owners to define all types of policies for their online shops and products.

Policies will be sent to customers with the invoice whenever an order is placed.

Online Shop Policy

Your shop policy entails three important segments:

  • Shipping Policy
  • Refund Policy
  • Return/Exchange Policy

Shop Policies

Shipping Policy

Your shipping policy is a concise description that outlines important information around delivery when an order is placed online.

The details expected here include your shop’s delivery costs, methods, and timelines.

For instance, a food store operating in Nakuru town may offer FREE deliveries within the CBD and FREE deliveries within a radius of 10km for all orders above Ksh 5,000.

The intention is to make it super clear to clients as they place their orders, as well as make your shop stand out from competitors.

Our transparent invoice system attaches your shipping policy to all invoices sent to clients, making it easier for them to comply with any shipping requirements specified.

Think about it as a reassurance to the client that the ordered products will be delivered on such a date or time.

Refund Policy

The refund section is undoubtedly the most indispensable segment for any online shop. In fact, the majority of your clients will check the refund policy of your store meticulously before placing an order.

Taking into account its importance, Biashara Place has put in place a seamless and easy refund system convenient for buyers and sellers.

However, it’s always advisable to display assuring refund terms on your shop. The same will appear on all invoices sent to your clients.

The policy must however be in sync with the Biashara Place buyer protection policy.

Refund Requests
Vendor Dashboard: Refund Requests

From your Vendor Dashboard, you can easily check and respond to refund claims from buyers.

From the Dashboard, you are able to track all refund requests, with all the necessary details such as:

  • Unique Refund request ID
  • The Order ID
  • Amount
  • Transaction Type
  • Reason for the Refund
  • Request Date

Return Policy

If for any reason a buyer needs to return the purchased item or has an issue with the order, they have 7 days from the day on which they receive it, to notify the seller.

It is your responsibility as a vendor to resolve any issues raised by the buyer.

Remember to make your shop return summary policy visible on your shop front.

The policy must however be in sync with the Biashara Place 7 days money back policy.


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