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Old Spice Swagger Kit

  • Strengthen your swagger with the man-nificent smells of lime and cedarwood
  • All the essentials you need for unstoppable Swagger from head to toe
  • Kit includes: 3.8oz Swagger Invisible Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray, 3oz Swagger Deodorant, 12oz Swagger 2-in-1, and 16oz Swagger Body Wash for Men

Old Spice Grooming Smooth Kit

  • Conquer itchy skin and nourish your body and beard with our smooth men’s grooming kit
  • Spruce up your man-glory with a 1-2 punch of fresh, clean aroma and a subtle jab of lemon-lime
  • Quench that parched beard with nourishing beard oil. Don’t leave your beard in a desert of thirst: quench it with nourishing Beard Oil and style it with Beard Balm
    Smooth that bod with Moisturizing Shea Butter Body Wash for men
  • Kit includes: 1.7oz Beard Oil, 2.22oz Beard Balm, and 16oz Moisturize with Shea Butter Body Wash

Old Spice Fresher Kit – Antiperspirant & Body Wash

  • Harness the fresh breeze of a coconutty tropical island with our Fresher men’s grooming kit
  • Cleanse dirt, odor and all evidence that you’ve been sleeping outside because that’s where you feel most at home now
  • Kit includes: 2.6oz ​Fiji with Palm Tree Anti-Perspirant and 16oz Fiji with Palm Tree Body Wash

Old Spice Beard Welcome Kit

  • Beard conditioner works to moisturize those face hairs after the beard wash cleanses dirt & whatever else you left in there
  • Spruce up that beard with a 1, 2 punch of fresh, clean aroma and a subtle jab of lemon-lime
  • Stronger Swagger Antiperspirant and Deodorant packs even more odor-blocking, sweat-crushing power than original Swagger
  • Kit includes: 7.6oz Beard Wash, 5oz Beard Conditioner, 2.6oz Hardest Working Collection Stronger Swagger Antiperspirant

Old Spice Swagger Grooming Kit

  • Smell like confidence from head to toe with the Old Spice Swagger Grooming Kit
  • Each kit includes 1 Swagger Antiperspirant Deodorant, 1 Swagger Body Wash, and 1 Swagger Body Spray
  • Swagger smells like lime and cedarwood

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