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Mobisol 120W Solar Home System with 43-inch TV

  • Ksh 11,000 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of KSh  Daily
  • 120W Solar Panel
  • 50Ah Lithium-Iron Battery
  • 43-inch Digital TV
  • 4 Bright LED Lights
  • Phone Charging Kits
  • Rechargeable Torch & Radio
  • 3 years system warranty
  • Free Dc Speaker

In rural Africa, PAYGO Solar Home Systems are indeed changing lives and providing connectivity to millions of people with no access to the grid.

Pay-go Solar? What is it?

The pay-go Solar model allows customers to buy the solar home system on an affordable payment plan, with an initial deposit followed by daily payments for up to 18 months.

After completing payments, customers own the solar product completely.

In Kenya, companies such as D.LightM-Kopa, and Sunking have made huge innovations in solar-powered solutions that have helped people in rural Kenya get access to power.

These innovative Solar Home Kits have empowered millions of households that can now comfortably charge phones, light their homes as well as watch TV.

Choosing the Best Solar Product

While many companies have a number of pay-go Solar Home Systems, there are a few important things you need to look out for.

1. Power Rating of the System.

Everyone in search of a Solar Home System is definitely looking for a more sensitive Solar Panel with more Watts and a battery with a bigger capacity.

Most PAYGO Solar companies will always be generous with this information, so you can always check and do enough comparisons before making that final buying decision.

2. Compatibility with other Appliances

You don’t want to be stuck with a Solar Home Kit that cannot power anything apart from itself.

Although the PAYGO companies will always insist that you do not plug in ‘foreign’ appliances, most of them will power small DC appliances comfortably.

3. Reliable Customer Service

Pay-go solar systems are locked and unlocked from the seller’s end as you make your daily/weekly payments.

Their systems are subject to errors, which would require the assistance of customer care agents to resolve.

The worst you would find out is that the company’s customer care services are unavailable, especially late in the evenings when they would be needed most.

1. Dlight Solar

D.light is a global solar kit maker and a former M-Kopa Solar supplier. D.light is a global leader and pioneer in delivering affordable solar-powered solutions designed for people without access to reliable energy.

D.light prides itself as the leading solar lighting brand, having sold over 20 million solar products through their 25,000 retails outlets across 65 different countries, thereby impacting the lives of over 95 million people. All d.light products are designed and tested in the USA.

All d.light products have a two-year warranty. When customers purchase a d.light product, they receive a warranty card, stamped with the date of purchase by the retailer.

If the customer encounters any problems with their product, they simply return to the product to the retailer.

2. M-Kopa Solar

M-KOPA’s commercial launch was in late 2012. Part of the idea behind M-KOPA is to displace the use of kerosene as an energy source and encourage the uptake of solar as an alternative.

M-KOPA’s commercial launch was in late 2012. Today, the company says that it has brought solar power to over 150,000 households in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.

And with many communities across the world off-grid and lacking access to clean, renewable, and affordable energy, the potential for a business model like M-KOPA’s is vast.

3. Sun King Solar

4. Solar Panda

5. Mobisol Solar

6. Niwa Solar


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