Bajaj Maxima Wide Tuk Tuk (470CC, 24NM Diesel Engine)


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  • 470CC Diesel Engine
  • 54 km/h Maximum Speed
  • 8 Liters Fuel Tank
  • 100,000 km Maintenance-free Drive
  • Front Fork with Twin Shock Absorbers
  • Large 100-ich Tyres
  • 24NM Powerful Engine
  • Larger Cabin Space
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The new Bajaj Maxima Wide Tuk Tuk is now available in Kenya, one of the worldโ€™s best-selling diesel three-wheeler.

Maxima Wide has the most powerful engine in the Industry with 12% more POWER and 17% more Pickup than any other.

Maxima is highly durable with a long-lasting dry clutch, a uniaxial balancer for fewer vibrations & reinforced chassis for longer life.

Bajaj Maxima Z Tuk Tuk

Bajaj Maxima Tuk Tuk is engineered with car-like advanced features like a car type Clutch pedal to handle heavy passengers better, a 5-speed gearbox to handle tough roads better, wide seats for passenger comfort.

What more? Bajaj Maxima can bear a greater load than the rest of its competition and yet is very low on maintenance.

Bajaj Maxima Wide Features

1. Large in Size

Maxima Wide has one of the largest cabin spaces you will find with any tuk-tuk model globally.

If you are looking for a three-wheeler that will allow you to carry more passengers without any compromise on their comfort, consider this model.

Maxima Spacious Tuktuk

Built with maximum earnings in mind, Bajaj Maxima Wide will give your clients a roomier and more comfortable ride.

Every tuk-tuk business person well understands the ripple effect of a happy client.

2. Powerful Engine

Bajaj Maxima Wide is powered by a 470CC diesel engine. This means you can do more trips, carry more passengers, or load. Thereby maximizing your income.

The new hi-tech Constant Velocity Shaft with tripod bush joints gives you a maintenance-free drive for 100,000 km. It also offers you a smooth drive even with heavy loads.

3. Comfort

The first-in-class front fork with twin shock absorbers gives you car-type driving comfort on any type of road.

The Maxima range with bigger 10″ tyres enables car type driving comfort over all types of road conditions.

Bajaj Maxima Wide Specifications


Type Cylinder IDI Diesel
Maximum Torque 24NM @ 2000 rpm
Maximum Power 6.94 KW @ 3400 rpm
Displacement 470.5 cc
Maximum Speed 54 km/h
Transmission Mechanical Manual
No. of Gears 4 plus 1 Reverse
Clutch Dry Clutch (Lever Operated)

Brakes & Tyres

Break Type Front Hydraulic Expanding Friction Shoe Leading Trailing Type
Break Type Rear Hydraulic Expanding Friction Shoe Leading Trailing Type
Tyre Front 4.50 – 10, 8 P.R
Tyre Rear 4.50 – 10, 8 P.R.


Wheel Base 2125 mm
Frame Type Monocoque chassis with central beam and cross member welded
Length x Width x Height 2950 mm x 1490 mm x 1840 mm
Ground Clearance 193 mm
Suspension Front Fork with Swing Arm and Anti-dive link, twin Hydraulic shock absorbers and Helical springs
Kerb Weight 506 Kgs
Fuel Tank (Reserve / Usable) 8 Liters
Suspension Rear Independently sprung rear wheels by trailing arms with helical springs and hydraulic shock absorbers


System 12 V DC
Battery Capacity 32Ah
Tail Lamps 12V 21/5W
Reverse Lamp 12 V 10W
Head Lamps 12V35/35W (HS1)


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    Please i would like to get this on a loan.How can I get it

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  1. November 21, 2021

    How much is the Bajaj maxima tuktuk going for?

    Hello Daniel,ย 

    The current price of Bajaj Maxima Tuk Tuk in Kenya is Ksh 498,500 as indicated.

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