Dlight 32 inch Digital TV (AC/DC Power, Inbuilt Decoder)

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Display Size 32 Inches
Resolution HD (1280 x 720)
Type LED
Ports 2 HDMI, 1 USB, DVB-T2
Brand Dlight
Model V320s-P
Deposit Ksh 3,999
Installments Ksh 110 Daily; Ksh 3,300 Monthly
Terms TV Picked after Deposit Payment

The Dlight 32 inch Digital AC/DC TV is now available on the lipa mdogo mdogo loan plan in Kenya, featuring a High Definition LED Display with dynamic contrast ratio, multimedia connectivity, USB and HDMI ports and an inbuilt tuner (decoder).

Digital TV: The new Dlight AC/DC 32 Inch TV has an inbuilt decoder, which gives you access to over 200 free to air broadcasts. Enjoy channels with lots of news, fashion, children programs, sports, documentaries, religion, music and movie channels in high definition quality. With this TV you don’t really need to subscribe to any TV service providers .

AC/DC Power: You have been looking for a TV on loan that allows you to use solar power or electricity. It’s finally here, and it gives you the freedom to enjoy great viewing with power from the mains or any 12V DC source. Whether you have a Dlight solar home system, or any other system, this TV will work just fine.

32 inches HD Display: With the Dlight AC/DC TV you get a clear 32 inch display that delivers crisp images for a great viewing experience. Whether you are watching free to air channels on your antenna or HD+ videos from your computer, this affordable TV gives you the best resolution.

USB, AV Input: Enjoy Movies using Flash disks, MicroSD Cards and other external input devices straight to your Dlight TV – thanks to the USB and AV ports. Expand your content variety from the many TV channels to your favorite movies and the latest music videos.

HDMI Input: You can also use this large 32 inch LED TV screen as a computer monitor using the HDMI input. Easily plug in the TV to your mini laptop and enjoy a larger display for your favorite movies or YouTube Videos. This is a good option for computer game enthusiasts who want a more memorable and exciting experience.

Digital Video Broadcasting. With the new Dlight TV, you get unlimited access to satellite, cable and terrestrial programming with consistently clear audio and visual quality. You have the freedom to plug in your DSTV or any other paid TV satellite dish such as StarTimes or Zuku and enjoy your content uninterrupted.

2 Years Warranty: The Dlight 32 inch AC/DC TV comes with a 2-year warranty that covers you against any manufacturer’s defaults. The warranty gives you an assurance of free repair for the TV or complete replacement incase of a manufacturer’s default within the warranty period.

LED Backlight: For quality pictures, the Dlight 32 inch TV makes use of LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology, with LEDs placed all around the entire screen. LED backlight televisions do not require as much space as conventional LCD TVs and thus allow for a thinner screen. The technology is also a great advantage on matters energy saving, especially if you intend to use solar energy to power your TV.

Easy Payment Plan: To get the Dlight 32 inch Digital TV on the lipa mdogo mdogo loan, you are required to pay a Deposit of Ksh 3,999 and the balance in easy installments of Ksh 110 Daily for a duration of 540 days.

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Dlight 32 inch Digital TV (AC/DC Power, Inbuilt Decoder)
Dlight 32 inch Digital TV (AC/DC Power, Inbuilt Decoder)


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