Dlight X150 Solar Home Kit with 4 Lights, Radio & Torch

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Solar Panel 12 Watts Polycrystalline
Solar Cable 6 meters
Battery 9Ah Lithium-Phosphate
Power Ports Two 6V Ports
Lights 3 hanging lights (120 lumens), 1 tube light (300 lumens)
Light Modes 2
TV Support No
USB Charging 5V/1.8A
Accessories USB Mobile Chargers, Portable Radio, Torch

The Dlight X150 Plus Solar Home System is a great way to get started with powering your home using affordable solar energy.

Looking for an affordable, reliable solar home system? Look no further than the Dlight X150, with bright lights and useful accessories, supported by the easy-to-use Pay-as-you-go technology.

Paygo means you can get the system by paying an initial deposit, and thereafter make payments in installments, so it’s easy to get started.

12W Solar + Powerful Battery: If you’re looking for a way to power your home with solar energy, the Dlight X150 Plus is a great option. This unit comes with a 12-watt solar panel and a rechargeable Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery. The battery has an LCD Indicator that keeps you updated on the available power, and USB charging ports to juice up your mobile phones any time.

12 Hours Runtime: With the Dlight X150 you have a solar LED light system that you can customize to best suit your needs, whether at your business or at home. With the long-lasting battery, you are assured of up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Four Bright LED Lights: Dlight X150 comes with one super-bright tube light with a wall switch, as well as three other bulbs with wall switches. All the 4 lights have customizable lamp brightness that allows you to manage your available power, and ultra-efficient accessories that are all powered by the exceptional zero-maintenance long-life battery — giving your home the power it needs without needing replacement or servicing.

FM Radio & Torch: X150 also comes with a rechargeable FM Radio with MP3 playback, and a rechargeable portable torch. The Radio is a great entertainment companion and has a durable battery that runs for more than 2 days. With the Dlight Torch, you are covered outside your homestead, with a long lasting battery that can run for up to 5 days.

Mobile Charging: The Dlight X150 battery has two USB ports to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously. The ports will juice up your mobile phone to full capacity in less than 2 hours. For best results, it is advised that you charge your mobile phones during the day, to ensure you have all the power for your lighting needs in the night.

Durable Battery: This solar home system comes with a long-lasting rechargeable Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery powered by a rugged, high-efficiency 10W solar panel. All these come with Warranty and will give you a product life of over 5 years (maintenance free). The battery is fitted with an LCD indicator that will let you know how much power is stored at any point in time, so you can be sure that your lights will always be on when you need them.

Easy Installation: Once you get your Dlight X150 Solar Home System, you can easily install it at home for use. The Dlight agent should still be available to assist you to get everything working.

Dlight X150 Solar Home Kit with 4 Lights, Radio & Torch
Dlight X150 Solar Home Kit with 4 Lights, Radio & Torch


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