Mysol 50W Solar with 24-inch TV and 3 Lights

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Solar Panel 50 Watts Polycrystalline
Solar Cable 6 meters
Battery 50Ah Lithium-ion
Warranty 3 Years
Lights 3 bright LED lights
Light Modes 2
TV Support Yes
USB Charging 5V/1.8A
Accessories USB Mobile Chargers, Portable Radio.

Mobisol (now rebranded to MySol), a leading solar energy solutions provider, is bringing solar power to the masses with its new STS premium bundle. The bundle includes a 24 inch TV, a 50W solar panel and three lamp sets.

The TV is perfect for all kinds of entertainment, from movies to sports and video games. The electrician-approved solar panel ensures long life with its durable build quality and can be installed easily.

Mobisol’s STS100 solar kit comes with everything you need to enjoy clean, reliable energy for up to three lamps, a radio, and an LED TV.

This durable and compact package comes with its own internal battery, so Mobisol’s STS 100 doesn’t require any additional unit or investment in solar panels or batteries — plus it’s easily portable. The STS100 is perfect for rural communities in developing countries that are off the electric grid.

Mobisol (now MySOl) prides themselves on superior, German-engineered products and brilliant PAYGO solar home systems. Their Lead Carbon Batteries have never failed in the field — they’re bright, durable, and last for up to 7 years under heavy use. Plus they come with a flawless warranty that protects you from any unfortunate mishaps.

Specification: Mysol 50W Solar with 24-inch TV and 3 Lights

Solar Panel Rating

50 Watts

Solar TV Size

24-inch Solar Tvs

Number of Lights

3 LED Lamps

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Mysol 50W Solar with 24-inch TV and 3 Lights
Mysol 50W Solar with 24-inch TV and 3 Lights


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