Solar Panda Home Kit with 24-inch Digital TV

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Solar Panel 25 Watts Polycrystalline
Solar Cable 6 meters
Battery 142Wh Lithium-ion NMC
Power Ports Two 12V (+/-3V) Ports
Lights 2 bright hanging lights
Light Modes 2
TV Support Yes
USB Charging 5V/1.8A
Accessories USB Mobile Chargers, Portable Radio

The Solar Panda Starter Solar Home System (with 24-inch TV) is now available on the Pay-as-you-go (commonly known as lipa mdogo mdogo) payment plan in Kenya.

This premium package comes with a 40 Watts Solar Panel, a 24-inch Digital TV set, 2 (two) LED bulbs, a rechargeable torch, a rechargeable Radio with MP3 playback, 5 phone chargers, and a battery that powers the TV and accessories.

Solar Panda 24 inch TV: This Digital TV with an inbuilt decoder for several free channels delivers uninterrupted entertainment to your home. The Solar Panda TV boasts a HD Resolution with moderate power consumption, a HDMI Port and USB input that lets you get extended entertainment beyond the TV channels. With the HDMI port you can easily plug in your laptop to the TV screen to improve your movie or gaming experience.

Zuku Dish Option: Solar Panda TV clients are at liberty to choose from either an antenna or Zuku Satellite Dish, depending on their content preferences. A Zuku dish gives you access to more international and local premium TV channels. You are at liberty to use the TV with other Premium Satellite TV providers such as DSTV and StarTimes, especially if you intend to use the system at your business premises.

25W Solar Panel: With the Solar Panda home kit you get a 25W Solar panel that fuels a durable rechargeable Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery. The battery powers the TV, lights and caters for all your mobile charging needs. The sensitive solar panel will charge the battery to capacity in less than 4 hours, giving you a guarantee of enough energy during the day and night.

2 Bright LED Lights: The Solar Panda Starter Home Kit comes with six bright LED lamps sufficient for any household. This includes one super-bright tubelight that will sufficiently illuminate your living room. The lights are plug and play, with integrated switches and optimized energy consumption.

Rechargeable Radio: The Solar Panda Premium Kit also comes with a rechargeable FM Radio with MP3 playback. The Radio is a great entertainment companion away from home, maybe in your farm.

Plug and Play: Like other Pay-Go Solar energy solutions in Kenya, the Solar Panda Premium Kit with 24 inch TV is is easy to install and use, with no technical knowledge required to get started. If you still need help installing it at your home, a Solar Panda technician will be available to assist you.

Easy Payment Plan: With a deposit of Ksh 5,999 you get the complete Solar Panda Premium kit with a 25W panel, battery, 2 lights, 24 inch TV and Rechargeable Radio. The balance is paid in easy installments of Ksh 120 Daily

Specification: Solar Panda Home Kit with 24-inch Digital TV

Solar TV Size

24-inch Solar Tvs

Solar Panel Rating

25 Watts

Number of Lights

2 LED Lamps

Solar Battery Capacity

150-200 Watt-hours

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Solar Panda Home Kit with 24-inch Digital TV
Solar Panda Home Kit with 24-inch Digital TV


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