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Startimes Solar Home System with 24″ Digital TV


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  • Ksh 5,999 Deposit (Full Kit)
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 120 Daily
  • 24″ Digital LED TV
  • A Sensitive 30W Solar Panel
  • 90Wh LFP battery
  • 4 bright LED lamps
  • Phone Chargers
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Startimes, the electronics and media giant has invaded the solar power market in Kenya with affordable Solar Home Kits.

The digital and satellite television service provider is now selling solar systems across the country using the pay-go (Lipa Polepole) model.

Startimes Solar Installation
Startimes Solar Home Kit Installation

Pay-go is an installment-based payment model that allows clients to obtain the solar system and thereafter pay for it in daily, weekly or monthly installments.

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Startimes Solar Home Kit Kenya

The S100 Startimes Solar Home System comes with a 30 Watts Solar Panel, a Lithium Phosphate Battery, 4 bright LED lights, and a 24 inch Digital TV.

The 30W Panel and has 90 cells, and feeds into a lithium phosphate battery is rated at 90Wh.

Apart from lighting and powering the Digital TV, the system can also power DC appliances like music systems, fans, blenders, etc.

The system also comes with necessary accessories such as mobile chargers and TV power cables.

The system comes with a 24″ Startimes Digital TV with either aerial or dish, depending on your needs and budget.

The 24″ StarTimes Digital TV boasts of a slim, sleek LED design with high definition graphics, yet low power consumption. The Solar TV comes with an inbuilt decoder, giving you non-stop entertainment.

This TV has good resolution levels, which means that you will enjoy high-quality videos and pictures.

Additionally, the StarTimes Solar TV comes with USB and HDMI connections which allow you to connect your external devices.

On matters of compatibility, the StarTimes Solar TV features two USB2.0 ports and two HDMI inputs, making it possible to hook up your TV with any Digital device.

With these diversified entertainment capabilities, you are not restricted to only watching TV, but you are at liberty to listen to music and play video games.

Startimes Solar TV Channels

On matters of content, StarTimes scores better than any other Paygo TV Service Provider in Kenya, with a collection of 80+ Premium channels available to the Solar Home Kit clients.

Startimes Channels

Not to forget that the StarTimes Solar TV has a built-in decoder, granting you an opportunity to enjoy the many interesting TV shows and movies without the need for a decoder.

Local TV Channels: TBC 1, Salam TV, Border TV, Clouds TV, Dove TV, KTN, MTV Kenya, ITV, Star TV, Kass TV, Lolwe TV, Kameme TV, KBC 1, K24, Channel Ten, MTV Uganda, 3 Stones TV, Ebru Africa, Citizen TV, EATV, KTN News, Inooro TV, Kiss TV, STN, Rembo TV.

Religion TV Channels:  Faith TV (Nairobi), IQRAA, GOD TV, Family TV, Times TV.

Music TV Channels: ST SA Music, ST Naija, ST Gospel, Nigezie, Wasafi TV, Trace Mziki.

Movies and Series: ST Zone, ST Sino Drama, E-Stars, ST Kung-Fu, ST Real-Time, ST Swahili, ST Rise, ST Zone, Fox Life, ETV, ST Africa, WAP TV, ST Swahili, Magic 1 HD, Star Life, ST Bollywood, ST Novela E1, ST Sino Drama, ST Realtime, ST KungFu, AMC Series, AMC Movies, E-Stars, ST Dasin Kowa.

Sports and News: ST Sports Focus, CGTN, Aljazeera, BBC World News, France 24 E, TVC News, CNC World, Sky News, Al Jazeera, CGTN News, Africa News.

Kids TV Channels: Smile of a child, JimJam, ST Kids, Nickelodeon, Da Vinci, Jimjam, Smile of a Child, Mindset Learn.

Solar Panel & Battery Rating

The StarTimes Solar Home Kit comes with a 30W solar panel and a 90wh lithium phosphate battery.

The battery is able to power and sustain the 24-inch Digital TV and any other DC accessories such as subwoofers.

You are also assured of enough power to charge your mobile phones and run the four bright lights.

Worried about the runtime?

Well, the system’s battery will charge to full capacity within 4 hours.

When fully charged, the battery will sustain the 24-inch StarTimes Digital TV for up to 7 hours.

You are therefore assured of uninterrupted entertainment for the better part of the night.

And if you are using the system for lighting and phone charging only, you are assured of up to 24 hours runtime with a single full charge.

Of the four bulbs, two are linkable extended reach, ensuring that your entire homestead is well covered.

The system is powered by a long-life lithium phosphate battery, that will offer excellent service for more than 5 years without the need for servicing or replacement.

The battery features an LCD interactive display that makes it easier to plan for your power needs.

The long-lasting battery also features two USB ports that will charge multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

If you need more paid channels and a dish instead of the antenna, then you have to pay a little more.

StarTimes Solar Prices

For Ksh. 59,999 cash, you get a solar panel, an 89.6Wh battery, 24″ TV + Dish, and the Startimes Smart Bouquet.

If you prefer paying in installments, you are required to pay a deposit of Ksh. 5,999, and thereafter weekly payments of Ksh. 840 for 88 weeks.

If you prefer making daily payments, you will part with Ksh. 120 daily for the same duration of 88 weeks.

With the installment plan, you will have paid a total of Ksh. 79,919 at the end of the 88 weeks.

How to get the StarTimes Solar Home Kit

  1. Place a Cash on Delivery Order at Biashara Place. Do not pay anything before delivery.
  2. A StarTimes Agent close to you will get in touch and the system will be delivered to your home.
  3. After complete installation, you will pay the required deposit and the system will be unlocked for use.
  4. StarTimes does not accept any upfront payments for the Solar Home Kits before delivery and installation.

How to Pay for StarTimes Solar

  1. Go to your M-PESA Menu
  2. Select PAY BILL
  3. Enter 585858 as the PAYBILL NUMBER
  4. Enter your 10 digit Device ID No. as the ACCOUNT NUMBER
  5. Enter the Payment plan AMOUNT
  6. Enter your M-PESA Pin and Select OK
  7. The control unit will automatically power on after payment.
  8. Still, you will receive a 15 digit activation code via SMS
  9. If the battery did not automatically detect the payment, enter the received code by pressing on the digit remote control.
  10. The system will then be unlocked.

Startimes Solar in Nigeria

The new Startimes Solar Home System is also available in Nigeria.

The 30W Solar Panel with a 90Wh battery and lights but without TV costs 115,000.

If you would like to get the solar home system with the 24″TV + Dish, you are required to pay 226,000.

This package comes with a FREE DTH Nova Bouquet for one year, after which you can subscribe to a bouquet of your choice.

If the Nova bouquet is not good enough for you, you have the option of getting the package with a Smart Bouquet for 236,000.

Still, if you need more content, you can obtain the solar home system with a DTH Super Bouquet for a total of 256,000.

The good news is that you can pay for the system upfront or in easy installments.

To get the system in Nigeria, you are required to visit the nearest StarTimes office for details and installation arrangements.

StarTimes Solar in Uganda

The home kit is also available in Uganda, on both cash and installment terms.

If you choose the installment plan, you are required to pay a deposit of 239,000 Ugx.

You are thereafter required to pay 21,000ugx weekly or 90,000ugx monthly, for a period of 730 days, after which you completely own the system.

Additional information
Number of Lights

Solar Panel Rating

Solar TV Size

Solar Battery Capacity

Price in Kenya

Ksh 5,000 – Ksh 10,000



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  1. Kinoti

    Better than the other Paygo Systems. Rich content.

  2. Kiplangat yegon

    Best product us its give you prices online unlike others like mobizol….. Battery I like it only that soler panel small

  3. Naomi

    Does the TV come with international channels like E-english.
    And does the TV have internet connection,like does it have YouTube & Netflix ?

  4. Gilbert Maina

    Hi,am interested with this package.where are you located in juja?am at juja farm.urgently I need it

  5. Gilbert Maina

    Adding a question, I would opt a dish over an antenna, could you give me the breakdown of what to pay per day.

  6. Julius Nyaga

    I think the product is good but i would like an antenna tv and instead of 4 led bulbs let it be 2 led bulbs and 2 fluorescent tubes how much deposit

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General Inquiries

5 Inquiries

  1. September 16, 2021

    Paid for my tv but only GUIDE showing assist please

    Hello Nimrod,

    Contact your installer or the StarTimes Customer Care. You will be assisted in resolving your TV signal.

  2. May 22, 2021

    Will I pay every week

    Good morning Brian,

    The loan period for the StarTimes Solar Home Kit with TV is 88 Weeks.

    Kind Regards


    Biashara Place

  3. April 25, 2021

    Can solar TV uses electric?

    Good morning Martin,

    The StarTimes Solar Home Kit comes with a 12V DC dependant Solar Tv.

    Startimes however also sells normal TVs that you can use with electricity.

    Kind Regards


    Biashara Place

  4. March 19, 2021

    What if I pay today and tomorrow I don't, how much will I pay the next day

    Hello Lancer,

    The Startimes Solar Home System is PAYGO, meaning you don't get service if you do not make the daily payments.

    But once you resume payments, the system is unlocked.

    Kind Regards.


    Biashara Place

  5. February 27, 2021

    I need one of ua product but where can I come and see the products.

    Hello Elly. Share your location via WhatsApp. The nearest StarTimes Solar Agent will get in touch with you.

    Kind Regards.

    Biashara Place


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