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Sun King Home 400 (40W 18V Solar Panel, 32 Inch Digital TV)


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  • KSh8,500
  • KSh8,000
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  • KSh8,000
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  • Ksh 8,000 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 130
  • 40W – 18V polycrystalline solar panel
  • 32 inch TV (Inbuilt Decoder)
  • 122Wh Lithium-NMC battery.
  • 120 Watt-hours daily energy
  • 7-year maintenance-free lifespan.
  • 40 times brighter than kerosene
  • USB charging ports
  • 2-year Warranty
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The Sun King Solar cash price in Kenya (with 32-inch TV) is Ksh 60,000 or a deposit of Ksh 8,000, and thereafter easy installments of Ksh 130 for a period of 574 days.

Sun King makes it possible for clients to make daily, weekly or monthly payments depending on their income schedules, thanks to the innovative PAYGO technology.

Pay-go is an installment-based payment model that allows clients to obtain the solar system and thereafter pay for it in daily, weekly or monthly installments.

Other Solar TVs

Mobisol 120W Solar with 43-inch TV (4 Lamps, Torch + Radio)

  • Ksh 11,000 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 148 Daily
  • 120W Solar Panel
  • 50Ah Lithium-Iron Battery
  • 43-inch Digital TV
  • 4 Bright LED Lights
  • Phone Charging Kits
  • Rechargeable Torch & Radio
  • 3 years system warranty
  • Free Satellite Dish

Mobisol 80W Solar (50Ah Battery, 3 Lights + Phone Chargers)

  • Ksh 5,500 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 99 Daily
  • 80W Solar Panel
  • 50Ah Lithium-Iron Battery
  • 3 Bright LED Lights
  • 3 years system warranty

Mobisol 80W Solar (32 Inch TV, 4 Lights, Subwoofer + Torch)

  • Ksh 8,250 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 114 Daily
  • 80W solar panel
  • 50Ah battery
  • Portable radio
  • 32″ TV with HD LED flat screen
  • Rechargeable Lantern/torch
  • 4 LED light sets
  • 4 years system warranty
  • Phone charging kits

Mobisol 50W Solar with 24-inch Digital TV, 3 Lights + Radio

  • Ksh 5,500 Deposit
  • Easy Installments of Ksh 99 Daily
  • 50W Solar Panel
  • 24-inch HD TV
  • Lithium-Iron Battery
  • 3 Bright LED Lights
  • 3 years system warranty

The Sun king Home 400 is currently the most popular of their products, with the ability to provide a seamless entertainment experience at home for several hours.

Clients have the option of choosing between the different Solar TV sizes according to their needs and budget.

Sun King Solar TV Sizes
Sun King Solar TV Sizes

The Sun King Home 400 plug-and-play solar home kit comes with a 32-inch TV, two bright tube lights, two hanging lamps, and a motion-sensing security light which is often mounted on the front of the home.

The Sun King Solar panel has a power output rating of 40W – 18V, and is of the polycrystalline type, with a 122Wh Lithium-NMC battery.

Sun King Solar Components

The Sun King Home 400 Solar System comes with a 40 Watts Solar Panel, a 122Wh Lithium-NMC Battery, 4 bright LED lights, and a 32-inch Digital TV.

The system also comes with necessary accessories such as mobile chargers and TV power cables.

Sunking Digital Solar TV

Sunking Solar TV

The system comes with a Digital TV with either aerial or dish, depending on your needs and budget.

The Sun King Digital TV boasts of a slim, sleek LED design with high definition graphics, yet low power consumption.

The Sunking 32-inch TV comes with an inbuilt decoder and has a power consumption of  15 W, with USB (MP4 / MP3), HDMI external input options.

The Sunking Solar TV also comes with two inbuilt Stereo Speakers for quality sound output and a  3.5mm Earphone to feed to your woofer or home theater.

On matters of compatibility, the Digital TV features two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port, making it possible to hook up your TV with any Digital device.

With these diversified entertainment capabilities, you are not restricted to only watching TV, but you are at liberty to listen to music and play video games.

If you are a Sunking Tv client, you have a fairly large collection of TV channels to choose from, with up to 40 local and international channels.

Not to forget that Digital TV has a built-in decoder, granting you an opportunity to enjoy the many interesting TV shows and movies without the need for an external decoder.

40W Solar with 122Wh Battery

Sunking TV and Solar

The Sun King Solar Home Kit comes with a 40W solar panel and an 11.1 V / 122Wh Lithium-NMC battery.

The battery is able to power and sustain the Digital TV and any other DC accessories such as subwoofers.

You are also assured of enough power to charge your mobile phones and run the four bright lights.

The battery’s daily discharge is limited to 80 Wh and has an assurance of a 7-year maintenance-free lifespan.

With the Sun King Solar Home Kit, you have access to 120 Watt-hours of Energy every day, enough for normal home use.

Worried about the battery Runtime? The Sunking Solar battery will give you a whole four daytime hours with a 32-inch TV, plus six night-time hours with the TV on plus all the lamps set at medium brightness.

You are therefore assured of uninterrupted entertainment for the better part of the night.

What more? The solar battery will charge to full capacity within 4-5 hours. With this, users residing in areas with few hours of sunlight are covered.

The system is powered by a long-life lithium phosphate battery, that will offer excellent service for more than 5 years without the need for servicing or replacement.

The Sunking Solar battery features an LCD interactive display that makes it easier to plan for your power needs, plus two USB ports that will charge multiple mobile phones simultaneously.

Sun King 32-inch Solar TV Prices

The Sun King Solar home kit is custom-made to suit different needs and budgets, with both cash and installment payment options available.

If you need the solar home system with a 32-inch TV, you can get it at Ksh. 60,000 cash.

Still, if you prefer paying in installments, you can get the Solar panel, battery, and a 32-inch solar tv by paying a deposit of Ksh. 8,000.

Thereafter, you are expected to pay daily installments of Ksh. 130 for a period of 574 days.

Depending on your income schedules, Sun King also allows you to also pay in easy weekly or monthly installments.

Sun King Solar TV Features & Price in Kenya

Solar Panel

Panel TypePolycrystalline
Panel Output18V
Solar Panel Rating40W
Warranty2 Years

Battery & Lamps

Battery TypeLithium-NMC
RuntimeFive daytime hours running 32-inch TV, plus five night time hours (on battery only) running  32-inch TV, 4 lamps, and Mobile chargers.
Available Daily Energy120 Watt-hours per day
Battery ControlLED charging indicator displays charging effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 5 to help optimize panel placement. LED battery indicator displays battery power remaining.
Battery Life7-year maintenance-free lifespan
No. of Lamps5
Warranty2 Years

Solar TV

Display TypeLED
Screen ResolutionHD (1366 x 768)
Rated Power Consumption7.5W – 15W
ConnectivityHDMI, USB
Audio SystemDolby ® 5Wx2
SignalDVB-T/T2 +S/S2 (Terrestrial, Satellite)
Size32 inch
Built-in decoderYes
Warranty2 Years

How to get the Sun King Solar TV in Kenya

1. Place a Cash on Delivery Order at Biashara Place.

2. A Sun King Agent close to you will get in touch and the system will be delivered to your location.

3. After installation, you will pay the required deposit and the system will be unlocked for use.

4. Note that Sun King does not accept any payments for the Solar Home Kits before delivery and installation.

Sun King Solar TV Advantages

Faster Charging
  • Higher conversion capacity, giving you a full charge within 4 hours.
  • The system makes use of advanced charging management technology.
  • It comes with a high-quality polysilicon photovoltaic solar panel.
  • Excellent ultraviolet ray-proof wire and premium wire connector.
Longer Battery Life
  • High-quality lithium phosphate battery.
  • Longer battery life with an assured runtime of 6 hours with TV and up to 60 hours of lighting.
  • The system has a safe and long service life.
  • More energy-efficient TV and LED lights.
More TV Channels
  • More than 40 TV Channels
  • Great international channels.
  • More local channels.
Excellent Customer Service
  • Total service solution: Solar system service, TV set service, and content service.
  • Dedicated call center
  • Door to door service
  • 2 years warranty
  • Professional installation team to ensure correct and effective installation
Easy Payment
  • Affordable Down Payments
  • Easy Daily Installments
  • Convenient Monthly Payments

How to Pay for your Sun King Solar TV

  1. Go to your M-PESA Menu
  2. Select PAY BILL
  3. Enter  as the PAYBILL NUMBER
  4. Enter your Device ID No. as the ACCOUNT NUMBER
  5. Enter the Payment plan AMOUNT
  6. Enter your M-PESA Pin and Select OK
  7. You will receive an activation code via SMS
  8. Enter the received code by pressing on the keypad next to the LED screen
  9. The system will then be unlocked.
  10. In case of any issues, contact the Customer Care Center on 0800724878 or dial *305#

Sun King Solar TV Payment Plans

Sun King Home 400 Solar, 32-inch TV + Antenna

DepositKsh. 8,000
WeeklyKsh. 910
MonthlyKsh. 3,900
DailyKsh. 130
Loan Duration574 Days
Total AmountKsh. 82,620
Cash PriceKsh. 60,000

Sun King Home 400 Solar, 32-inch TV + Zuku Satellite Dish

DepositKsh. 9,000
WeeklyKsh. 980
MonthlyKsh. 4,200
DailyKsh. 140
Loan Duration574 Days
Total AmountKsh. 89,360
Cash PriceKsh. 72,000

Sunking Solar Repair & Spare Parts

In case you have a faulty Sun King Solar product after the warranty period, the company will still offer replacement services at discounted prices as follows:

Home 400 control unit + battery8980
Overhead Lamp770
Solar Panel3365
Mobile Charger150
Remote control320
Motion sensor lamp910
CI + CAM card bundled with Zuku2750
CI + CAM card bundled with StarTimes2890
19 inch TV12870
24 inch TV14540
32 inch TV18170
Zuku Satellite Dish2025
StarTimes Satellite Dish2200
Tube light1010
7-meter extension cable460

All Sunking Solar Products Prices

Below is the product catalogue indicating the cash and installment prices of all the SunKing Solar products in Kenya.

Sunking TV Latest Prices

Additional information
Solar Battery Capacity

Number of Lights

Solar Panel Rating

Solar TV Size

Price in Kenya

Under 10k


Sun King

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  1. Biashara Place

    Sunking Products have good runtime, reliable in remote areas without access to the grid

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  1. September 12, 2021

    I have 5000 deposit and iwant Tv 32 inches can i be allowed to get?so that can pay the rest later

    Greetings Fred,

    The deposit for Solar Home Systems is fixed. You can alternatively obtain a smaller TV size.


  2. May 25, 2021

    What about tv only?

    Hello Frankline,

    To get the Sunking Solar TV, you must purchase the entire package with the Solar Panel and Battery.

    Kind Regards

    Biashara Place

  3. May 22, 2021

    How much is the sunking solar with 32tv?

    Good morning Dorine

    The cash price for the Sunking Home 200 Solar Home Kit with 32 inch Tv is Ksh 60,000.

    Kind Regards


    Biashara Place


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