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Biashara Place is a real powerhouse on matters online buying and selling in Kenya. We are committed to making online shopping a more sustainable activity.

Our journey started in 2018 as a simple business blog, with an intention of helping buyers make informed decisions as they window shop online.

Well, Biashara Place is now a complete Multivendor E-commerce Platform, with a growing community of Top Sellers countrywide, more than 10k listed products, and counting…

Our dream is to empower every single business owner to take advantage of the growing need to trade online and make deliveries countrywide.

1. We give you an opportunity to sell where other top vendors are selling, hence allowing you to compete favorably.

2. Buyers are looking for a one-stop online store where they can compare prices without the need to crawl through 10 different websites. Why not position yourself as the best in your category at Biashara Place?

3. We allow sellers and producers to directly interact with clients, both new and existing. Our system makes this possible through Live Chats, Product Inquiries, WhatsApp Chats, and Email Tickets, all sent straight to the seller.

4. We have a powerful Geolocation Feature that gives priority to the nearest shop when availing products to new clients. This makes your products more available to buyers closest to your shop, a huge benefit to the entire Biashara Place community.

5. Our focus is local. At Biashara Place, we are committed to giving local businesses a voice, and a platform to get your name out there.

Over the years we have learned that small creators have found it hard to compete with e-commerce global giants.

At Biashara Place, you are selling with like-minded sellers, you are on an even playing field. And the customers we bring to you are looking for this type of product.

6. We keep our fees simple. We only charge affordable and customized monthly subscriptions for vendors selling using our platform.

We currently do not charge any commissions once your product sells.

We take care of it all for you. We want you to focus on making, selling, and sending.

To list your products on Biashara Place, you will need a Vendor Account.

To register, select a package of your choice, depending on your business size and number of products.

A Basic vendor plan costs Ksh 100 for a whole month and allows you to list up to 5 products in one category.

This is the recommended plan for new vendors who would like to test our platform and learn the basics of E-commerce in a practical and results-oriented style.

As your products and clients increase in number, you are allowed to upgrade your vendor plan.

At Biashara Place, we have vendor plans customized to suit the needs of every business type and size.

Our Bronze Vendor Plan costs Ksh. 100 per month. This is actually a basic plan to allow vendors to experiment with our platform, and learn E-Commerce in a practical, friendly, and results-oriented way.

You are at liberty to upgrade as your sales volume and number of products increases.

We do not charge any commissions or transaction fees once you make a sale at Biashara Place.

We currently do not handle payments on your behalf. You receive all payments for products sold to your clients.

For this reason, we only have the Cash on Delivery payment mode active on our platform.

We advise vendors to have valid PAYBILL Numbers clearly displayed on their shopfronts for easier and more credible transactions.

At Biashara Place, you have access to a wide range of marketing options just by being one of our verified sellers

We have great tools to help the customer find your products quickly.

1. Geographic filters to allow customers to search based on their region.

If you are closest to the buyer, we give your products priority in efforts to minimize unnecessary movements and shipping costs.

2. We have rich blogs, conversation topics, ‘How To’ guides, educational pieces, and news items.

All these will drive traffic to your related products, having encouraged people to think of Biashara Place as a ‘go-to place for trusted research, knowledge, and purchasing; a thought leader with regards to quality products and other related topics.

3. We market for you – with the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO), google analytics, advertising campaigns, press coverage, an email database, discount vouchers.

4. You can also choose to elevate your voice with one of our negotiated boost campaigns. We implement Social Media Boost Campaigns targeting your products or entire shop to realize more traffic and sales.

You are at liberty to advertise and sell your products globally. You are however expected to clearly define your shipping costs for such transactions.

Shipping arrangements are a direct interaction between you (the seller) and the buyer.

At Biashara Place, our desire is to have every business take advantage of the growing need for online trade.

We understand that not every business person has the necessary information about E-commerce.

As we wait for this to happen, you are at liberty to make drop-shipping arrangements with friendly businesses.

Drop-shipping means you set up an online shop to sell products from a third party, for which you earn commissions.

Check this detailed page to learn more about dropshipping in Kenya


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