Biashara Place – What & Why

Biashara Place is finally here, a real powerhouse on matters online buying and selling in Kenya.

And right on time, when free online buying and selling is such a premise in efforts to reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Biashara Place is the only open marketplace that allows you to sell your products/services anywhere in Kenya.

Our System is rich in splendid features that empower every single seller to build, run, and grow their clientele online.

Main Vendor Features

What’s so interesting about Biashara Place?

Let’s have a look at a few main features that make Biashara Place the best e-commerce center in Kenya and beyond.

1. Product Manager

2. Chat with Customers

3. Sell other Vendors’ Products

4. Product & Shop Geolocation

5. Payments & Withdrawal Requests

6. Refund Policy

7. Shop Reviews

8. Vendor Plans & Prices

9. Product Export/Import

10. Social Media Links

11. Store Analytics

12. Vendor Verification

13. Vendor Badges

14. Shipping Options

1. Create and Manage Products

We have the most liberal products manager, giving you the freedom to create and manage Simple, Variable, Grouped and subscription Products.

Products managerBiashara Place gives you several flexible options to add/modify your store products.

Among these options is the ability to set both the regular & offer price. Displaying the slashed price will obviously help your conversion rate.

Upload and set your product’s featured images, which are like the cover of a book.

Always choose an image that will make the best first impression, one that captivates buyers in a single glance.

Depending on your Vendor Plan, you have access to various Product categories and tags.

These will make your products visible on the Homepage and several other marketplace pages with the largest traffic volumes.

We also allow vendors to define their product shipping options such as delivery days/hours and shipping costs.

As a vendor, you also have access to product attribute options, allowing you to clearly describe your product.

2. Chat with Customers

This Module is available for all vendor plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

Biashara Place Inquiries
The Biashara Place Customer Inquiry Module at work.

Although we always endeavor to create products with more than enough detail, there will always be several cases of new customers who need to know more.

Sometimes it’s just a clarification or a repetition of some information that escaped their eyes.

Sometimes the customer is just in a hurry or needs some assurance before making that final decision.

Sometimes it’s very classified information that can only be given by the vendor.

Customer Inquiry

The Biashara Place app facilitates this important communication using the Product Inquiry Module.

The module allows the client to ask questions directly to the product seller.

Call it a devolved Customer care department, a feature that greatly makes the shopping experience at Biashara Place super user-friendly for customers!

Both logged in and logged out customers can ask questions about any product listed on Biashara Place without any restriction.

Whenever an inquiry is posted, the vendor instantly receives a notification via email as well as an instant direct message on the vendor dashboard.

Email Inquiry Notification

The Inquiring Customer will also receive an instant response via Email as well as on their App Dashboard.

With a large number of Live products, Platinum Vendors will obviously receive several inquiries.

The good news is that they can re-assign such customer care roles to as many store managers as they wish.

For every published product, there is an Inquiries tab where customers can see previously asked queries, and the vendor/admin replies.

This saves the vendor the agony of having to respond to the same queries several times.

It also boosts the vendor’s image to new clients. Everyone wants a seller that is willing and available to respond to their concerns.

If there are some additional things you think would make this feature more useful, feel free to let us know.

3. Sell Ready Products

(This Module is available for Gold, and Platinum Vendor Plans)

Biashara Place ProductsJust when you thought that populating your shop products takes months, then comes this amazing feature.

With this feature, it’s now possible for you to sell other vendors’ products listed on Biashara Place with a single click.

What more? You are at liberty to customize the products as you like, like changing the prices and warranty policies.

This in turn enriches our Biashara marketplace, giving customers a wide range of options for the same product.

All Gold and Platinum Vendors have an Add to My Store menu available on their dashboard.

This allows them to see, sort and edit products from other vendors from here.

For instance, if you are dealing with smartphones, you can easily check all the listed smartphones, select the ones in your store and edit them accordingly.

With the Bulk Add option, you are able to add several products to your store at the click of a button.

A product with more than one seller will have a “More Offers” option added to it’s tabbed area.

This will display other vendors selling the same product, and their prices. The customer can, therefore, choose where to buy from.

4. Geolocation

This Module is available for all vendor plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum).

Biashara Place GeolocationThis is actually one of the main features that power the Biashara marketplace.

For a very long time, online shoppers have been looking for a marketplace that allows them to search for products in their vicinity for super-fast deliveries.

As a vendor, be sure to give the correct location for your shop during registration.

Our Geolocation Feature gives priority to vendors selling products closest to the customers, to reduce shipping costs and for easy dispute resolution.

I mean, why should a customer in Kisumu buy an Infinix Hot 8 Smartphone from Nairobi at Ksh. 11,500 plus Ksh. 400 shipping, when the same smartphone is available in Kisumu at 11,600 and no shipping cost?

Using the Geolocation Feature, a customer is able to search for products closest to them and also set their preferred radius of coverage for faster delivery.

The geolocate module automatically hides stores far away from the buyer (50km by default), and displays product offers closest to them.

5. Payments & Withdrawal Requests

Biashara Vendor WithdrawalsYou are on Biashara Place to make money.

Once your products sell, your earnings mature after seven days. This is in accordance with our customer protection policy. Read more here.

As a vendor, you can initiate withdrawal requests easily, and the funds will be transferred to your mobile wallet or bank account immediately.

Vendors can check the transactions of their account from the Vendor Dashboard >> Payments.

The details of the transactions like invoice Id, order Id, charges, and the payment amount can be viewed from the dashboard.

Every withdrawal transaction is backed up with instant Email notifications to the vendor in a transparent, seamless fashion.

The Vendor can also download their transaction invoice by clicking on the pdf icon from the Payments page of the vendor dashboard.

6. Refund Policy

At Biashara Place, we are fully aware that a reliable Refund Policy is a very much important part of any e-commerce system.

Sometimes, users only purchase if and only if they can access a reliable, transparent refund policy for the vendor and the specific product.

Once you are registered as a vendor on Biashara Place, you have access to an easy and foolproof refund system for your clients.

7. Shop Reviews

Store ReviewsReviews are an integral part of any e-commerce system. Biashara Place makes it possible to obtain both shop reviews and product reviews.

A shop review boosts your image as a vendor.

That good rating next to your shop name could be the last thing a new buyer needs to make that last buying decision.

In fact, some buyers will only make a purchase if and only if they find enough reviews for a shop.

Only logged in users who have actually purchased something from your store are allowed to add reviews.

8. Vendor Plans & Prices

At Biashara Place, we believe in growth. We have a number of vendor plans custom made to suit various shop needs.

The Bronze plan costs Ksh. 500 per month and allows you to sell one Product to a maximum of 50 clients.

This is most suitable for new vendors who would like to start small and grow their online shops with time.

Buyers visiting your shop can access your Social Media Links, contacts and physical shop location.

This makes it possible to make repeat sales to clients who can visit your physical store.

9. Product Export/Import

(This Module is only available for Platinum Vendor Plans)

CSV Products ImportBiashara Place makes it easy for vendors to transfer their products into and out of the marketplace using the Product Importer-Exporter. 

With Product Import, store owners with ready products located in other e-commerce sites can get started more quickly by importing their products during setup.

Product export files also serve as good backups for your shop, just in case you lose any of the products as a result of human error.

Vendors can only export their own products.

10. Social Media Links

(This Module is available for all Vendor Plans)

Let your clients connect with you on Social Media by adding your shop social media links to your store profile.

With this feature, vendors can add their social media accounts links (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube), making these accounts visible in the front-end of the store page.

Social Media is an integral part of every ambitious trader, with the ability to generate repeat sales and boost customer trust.

11. Store Analytics

(This Module is available for Gold & Platinum Vendor Plans)

Shop Analytics are an important part of any ambitious business owner. You want to get detailed reports of your fast-moving products.

You want to know areas where most of your clients are coming from. You would probably use such information to target a particular market segment.

You want to compare your shop performance over certain durations such as weeks and months.

All these will help you make key decisions aimed at boosting your shop performance.

With the Analytics module, you can analyze your Shop’s daily visitors. You can also check the analytics of each product separately.

The good news is that at Biashara Place, you can easily get your shop analytics at the click of a button.

12. Vendor Verification

(This Module is available for Gold & Platinum Vendor Plans)

Vendor VerificationThe Biashara Place Vendor Verification creates a bridge of trust between customers and vendors.

In a world full of anonymous traders, we avail this as one of the main buyer protection measures against unprofessional sellers.

To get the verification badge, sellers must fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Complete their vendor profiles.
  2. Provide all the required documents.
  3. Provide proof of their social media presence.

Verified vendors obviously enjoy a larger customer base since the verification badge earns them trust.

The Verified seller badge will be displayed along with the vendor’s name throughout the site.

Vendors who grossly violate the Buyer Protection Policy will lose their Verification status.

13. Trust Badges

(This Module is available for Gold & Platinum Vendor Plans)

One of the biggest impediments to e-commerce is the lack of TRUST from potential online buyers.

While people are still interested in shopping online and find it to be more convenient, they are looking for trustworthy vendors.

Trust badges instill trust in the minds of potential customers and give them the reassurance that your shop is indeed genuine.

Trust Badges go a long way boosting buyer confidence, hence increasing the vendor’s sales volumes significantly.

To obtain a Trusted Vendor Badge, a vendor must have obtained a significant number of positive reviews from clients, among other requirements.

Apart from the Trusted Vendor Badge, we are attaching a COVID-19 Safety Compliance Badge next to the names and shop banners of COVID-19 Safety Compliant Vendors.

To obtain this badge, vendors are expected to demonstrate their adherence to all the MOH set protocols in business, right from the production, to packaging and delivery of their products.

We are constantly revising these policies in sync with the MOH Guidelines, with the intention of protecting both the sellers and the buyers from the novel COVID-19 virus.

14. Shipping Options

(This Module is available for all Vendor Plans)

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