Here are the Best Real Estate Agents in Mombasa

Like any other busy city, Mombasa has a growing demand for residential properties, commercial buildings, and apartments.

In addition, being a coastal town, Mombasa has an increasing demand for holiday homes, beach hotels and beach plots among other types of high-end properties.

This article outlines some of the most reputable agents, taking into consideration their wealth of experience and the number of completed projects they have undertaken in Mombasa and other coastal towns.

The Demand Curve

The demand for both rentals and homes for sale in Mombasa is increasingly high.

Property developers are taking advantage and investing millions of shillings in high-end luxurious apartments in the City and its suburbs.

The demand has also attracted foreign investors with a growing appetite for high-end apartments on the Indian Ocean beachfront.

Luxurious Homes on the Indian Ocean seafronts
Luxurious Homes on the Indian Ocean Beachfront. PHOTO by Knight Frank

Take a walk in places like Shanzu and you will notice the luxurious holiday apartments that are increasingly shaping up the coastal city.

Luxury homes with the much-coveted sea views, designed with the traditional Swahili architecture in mind, but blended with modern architectural designs.

Best Real Estate Agents in Mombasa

If you are interested in buying, selling or renting out your property in Mombasa, you would first need to identify a reliable and suitable real estate agent.

The agent must be familiar with the demands of the coastal towns of Kenya.

1. Knight Frank

Knight Frank Property Developers Kenya

Knight Frank has a huge presence and is a choice to many high-end property seekers in Mombasa.

They have the experience, reliability and a reputation of being one of the  best real estate companies in Kenya and beyond.

If you are looking for luxurious homes in Mombasa, Malindi or Kilifi, try Knight Frank.

Take for instance this 18 bedroom villa located at the Diani Beach, just 500 meters away from the Leisure Lodge Golf course.

Beachfront villas for sale Diani Beach
Beachfront villas for sale Diani Beach. Photo by Knight Frank

Built on a high-elevated tropical garden of approximately 2.5 acres and beachfront on 110 meters, the property features 4 villas with large verandas and 3 private pools overlooking the Indian Ocean.

The company also deals with land purchases and sales in the coastal region.

2. Mombasa Real Estate Agencies

Mombasa Real Estate Agencies

Mombasa Real Estate Agency Limited is a property company consultancy firm operating in Mombasa and other coastal towns in Kenya.

The agency specializes in the most luxurious real estate in the prime locations of Mombasa such as Nyali, Mombasa Island, Watamu, South Coast, Malindi, and many others.

The firm also assists overseas clients in buying and selling properties in the coast.

With many years of experience, Mombasa Real Estate Agencies Limited will help you to get the most prestigious properties in Mombasa city to suit your needs.

You can search for houses in Mombasa here:

3. Jithiada Agencies Limited

Jithiada Real Estate Agencies Limited

Jithiada Agencies Limited is a real estate services firm focused on delivering high quality and customized services to individuals, the private sector and government clients in Kenya.

The firm duly incorporated in 1999, with a vision to establish a comprehensive Real Estate firm that reinvented the market patterns by introducing transparency, integrity and professionalism in a market calling for more global standards.

Today, the company has made its presence strongly felt in the Kenyan property and real estate industry and can with certainty declare itself a market leader.

The firm offers a wide scope of real estate services, particularly specializing in rental, management and sale of up-market residential properties and a variety of commercial properties in Mombasa.

The company offers a variety of services ranging from new property development and consultancy to letting, selling and managing of residential and commercial properties, and more recently valuations of all kinds of properties, including hotels, businesses and industries.

4. D.K Real Estates

D.K Real Estates Mombasa

Founded in 1964, D.K Real Estates has undergone a number of changes as new and innovative people have joined the company.

It is the oldest and one of the most active real estate companies in the Coastal Region, managing several properties in Kwale County, Mombasa County, and Kilifi County.

5. Coral Property Consultants

Coral Property Consultants Ltd
Established in the year 2004, CPCL has been a pillar shinning through the Coastal Real Estate Market Of Mombasa.

6. Fair deal Properties

Fairdeal Properties Mombasa

Fairdeal Properties was founded in 2008 with the vision of providing quality solutions across all segments of the Kenyan real estate market.

Leveraging on the experience of their sister companies which are involved in building materials, glass & furniture, Fairdeal Properties has experienced tremendous growth with a number of successfully completed projects both in Mombasa and Nairobi.

Some of their achievements include the completion of over 600 apartments, the development of notable buildings such as the Epic Business Park and Fairdeal Plaza.

The company also undertook and completed several mega warehousing projects in Kikambala and Embakasi.

In the last 10 years, Fairdeal Properties has established a strong presence in the fast-growing Kenyan real estate sector.

Boasting a portfolio of more than 25 completed and ongoing projects, the real estate company has a unique understanding of Kenyans’ desires in their dream homes or offices.

Fairdeal Properties Mombasa Kenya

The Kenyan real estate sector has evolved over the past 10 years with consumers demanding exceptional finishes, distinctive amenities and practical living solutions.

By constantly innovating and collaborating with the best in the Industry, Fairdeal Properties has been able to stay ahead of the trends to provide best-in-class real estate solutions across all segments of the market.

7. Inuka Afrika properties

Inuka Properties Mombasa

Inuka Afrika properties is an upcoming duly registered limited liability company with its head office located in Nyali, Mombasa.

The company specializes in real estate mainly land and soon affordable housing largely in the coastal region.

8. Benford Homes

Benford Homes Mombasa

Benford Homes specializes in the sale and renting of land, residential and commercial properties in Mombasa.

The company also provides property development and private equity management services for property owners within the coastal towns.


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