The 56-second YouTube Video that earned over Ksh. 50 million

Charlie Bit My Finger was one of the first viral Youtube videos showcasing everyday family life when it took the internet by storm more than eleven years ago.

Yes, it’s been eleven years! As 19 September 2019, the video stood at a record 869,956,105 views!

And whats’ the video all about? Someone bites someone’s finger. Just that!

Charlie bites his brother Harry, which causes the toddler to utter the phrase, “Charlie bit my finger”, after which adorable Charlie lets out a cheeky laugh. Oddly enough, the video was never meant to be public.

The 56-second video was published on May 22, 2007, and became the most popular non-music clip of all time.

The boy’s father, Howard Davies, says he only wanted to share the video with a few friends and family members. After realising that the video was ‘too big’ to be shared via email, he decided to upload it on Youtube.

Since the video was uploaded in 2007, it has been seen by over 869 million viewers and won the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards’ Best Motion Video.

The family has been able to make a hefty six-figure income through sponsorships, merchandise, and paid advertisements. The boys have appeared in commercials and there is even a Charlie Bit Me app.

So it made the family who filmed it over Ksh 50 Million– when they agreed to partner with YouTube to split ad revenue after it became an online sensation.

It’s amazing how much this one-minute video changed the life of a typical English family. Riding the wave of this success, Charlie and his brother have been featured in several follow up clips that have been viewed millions of times on their dedicated YouTube Channel.

This is just one example of how ordinary people are achieving worldwide fame and making good money by sharing interesting (and funny) events in their everyday lives.

It would have been very easy to find excuses if this video was made by a popular artist, comedian or actor.

YouTube gives ANYONE (with a camera) the power to share their creativity with the world from the ‘studios’ in their bedrooms, college dormitories, road trips, offices and everywhere!

The beautiful part is that you still get to earn some money while you’re having fun!

Remember to check this article on how to earn some good money on Youtube.


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