In this article, we look at three of the top reseller web hosting providers in Kenya.

If you are thinking about getting into the web hosting business, then reselling hosting services from reputable web hosts is a good starting point.

We look at their pricing, the features they offer and how they compare.

How to Choose a Reseller Web Hosting Partner

On this, you need to burn some calories.

You will have to do some thorough homework to identify the best company you can partner with your new business.

You want a partner with plans that allow you to grow over time.

You also need to get a web hosting company with a good reputation on matters customer service.

You need to read the fine print.

Remember that your clients’ disappointment could mean an end to your web hosting business.


As mentioned earlier, you want to keep your eye on a few very important resources:

 The disc space

 The bandwidth

 The guaranteed Memory (RAM)

 The number of cPanel Accounts

No matter how pleasant other benefits may be, you will never go far with reselling web hosting without getting enough of these four.

It’s for this reason that I refer to them as THE BIG FOUR.

Having considered these four, you can then check other perks that will make your experience more efficient and enjoyable.

I am aware you are already technical but think like a newbie website owner/blogger looking for web hosting services.

What are the main factors they will be looking for?

Not forgetting that there are many competing web hosts out there.

Your reseller hosting source is still working hard to get the same clients.

You, therefore, don’t want to take chances on things like the disc space, bandwidth, and memory.

You also want the freedom to resell the service to as many clients as possible.

The maximum number of cPanel accounts associated with a particular reseller plan is, therefore, something you must consider.

Let’s discuss each of them in detail, and why they should influence your choice of a reseller web hosting partner.

1. Disc Space

You are starting a web hosting business.

You already have an idea of the number of customers you realistically expect to bring on board at the beginning.

They may be friends, colleagues, classmates, or your web design clients.

To the numbers, add the type of hosting needs you expect from them.

If you are a web designer, are your clients’ heavy e-commerce sites, or medium-size company sites?

Or are they blogs that do not require too much disc space?

Have those GB figures in mind as you window shop to find the best reseller hosting provider and a plan that fits your criteria and budget.

To make window shopping easier for you, let’s have a quick look at the best reseller hosting packages available in Kenya.

Kenya Web Experts gives you 50Gb disc space for Ksh. 2,900/month. The best you can get at Kenya Web is 100GB at Ksh. 6,000 per month.

HostPinnacle gives you 100GB disc space at Ksh. 2,000 per month.

New-Hostpinnacle-reseller-prices (1)

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With Ksh. 4,000 per month you get a whole 1000GB of reseller disc space.

At Truehost, the starter plan gives you 50GB disc space at Ksh. 2,499 per month.


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The best package at Truehost (Platinum Reseller) features 150GB of cloud storage for Ksh. 9,999 per month.


For Ksh. 2400/month, you get 60GB disc space, 600GB bandwidth, resources you can share out among several (unlimited) small-scale clients and make some money.

If you charge Ksh. 3,500/yr for 5GB disc space and unlimited bandwidth, your offer would still be better than several established web hosting companies in Kenya. 

As a reseller, Hostgator will also give you a free WHMCS billing software to facilitate automatic billing for your customers using your own brand name.

Again if you are not pleased with their reseller hosting service, you are covered by the 45 days money-back guarantee.

Hostgator also offers affordable dedicated hosting starting Ksh 9800/month and Snappy 2000 Virtual Private Servers at Ksh. 2350/month.


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